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What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

We had a great seminar presented by Attorney Fred Martin, an attorney from Monroe, CT with over 41 years of experience. Whenever I participate in any of the sessions Generation Bridge runs, I always learn something new. As an executor, I know I don't need to know the details, but I do need to just know where the information is...that makes me feel much less stress about the role when thinking about all the moving pieces, etc. You don't want a probate court holding things up because you're not working off the original will...

Most things will go smoothly when things get into probate, etc. but there are situations and things you should know before making decisions too quickly about how to structure an estate. I pulled together some of my key takeaways, and encourage people of all ages, especially once you have children, to reach out to a professional in order to structure your estate and wishes in a way that would keep court influence at a minimum. That said, you can click here to read the recap.

Generation Bridge Estate Planning Seminar
Estate Planning Seminar

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