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Gen Bridge: Financial

Saw this in the Penny Hoarder today - companies that still offer Lifetime Warranties or at least consider replacing / fixing products throughout your lifespan. It's amazing to see this still happening in a world that likes to replace things that age rather than fix them - isn't that something of an allegory to us as humans - sometimes we break, and can be seen as something to get thrown away? Or be less worthy?

In a world with rising costs, sometimes the consideration of what is covered within the warranty is something we all need to weigh in our decision. Perhaps that lifetime warranty is something that's worth the extra $ up front, and it supports the businesses that want to stand behind the quality of their products. After all, it could save you the replacement cost for a lesser quality product. Couple of my favorites from this list:

  • Orvis

  • Le Creuset

  • Zippo

  • LLBean

  • Craftsman

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