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Meet Nick Prish - an Intergenerational Boxing Coach

I sat down with Nick Prisciandaro, my boxing coach over at Champs Sports in Danbury. I'm new to the sport but working with a younger coach has been one of those examples of how people really need to interact with each other in person and build relationships. I have grown to really like Nick a lot since beginning my lessons and I realize that he coaches across all generations.

He was traveling when we spoke and getting ready to be the corner for a friend of his in Richmond VA in a recent UFC fight, but he was gracious enough to give me some time. Some key takeaways -

  • he doesn't look at his clients as this age or that age, but approaches each client as a unique person who needs a plan tailored to them.

  • He wants to push clients to meet and surpass goals so they get the most out of the experience - fitness OR fighting proficiency.

You can find videos on-demand, YouTube etc., but its not the same as learning from someone who can physically correct technique, etc. And more importantly, in line with the philosophy of Generation Bridge, interaction with people is critical to our human existence. Getting to know our neighbors in new and different ways can only help to ensure your long time health and well being. Maybe its a bit more expensive, but it expands your network and your perceptions as you learn from people who come from different backgrounds and upbringings!

Personally, I feel Nick is a great coach. Get to know him more by watching the video and feel free to reach out to him on Instagram @Nick_Prish.

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