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Rebuilding Oneself In Humility

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Marques Ogden, former NFL player and former successful businessman. He hit rock bottom and then had to rebuild himself in humility to become the success he is today. He wears many hats as a person (father, brother, husband, etc.) and as a professional (coach, consultant, speaker, author, podcaster and more). At Gen Bridge the ability to learn life's lessons is important, but the ability to share what one has learned is even more critical.

Thanks Marques for sitting with us and helping us understand what you did to turn from Ego and move into servant leadership. We pray that someone out there might see this and get some inspiration to move from ego to service as well. In the meantime, he's a great speaker, has an engaging story and is a sought after coach and consultant. Look him up if you're looking for a speaker for your conference or if you are looking to bring your company in line with a servant leadership mentality.

Access the interview here:

To contact Marques:

Social Media (insta, fb, LI): @marquesogden

Podcast: The Lev and Marques Show: Available on multiple platforms including Apple and Spotify.

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