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What We’re Following Today September 8, 2020

50 Children’s Songs to Sing With Your Kids

I’ve never really been a big kids song guy. I really don’t remember them from when I was a kid. I love listening to music but unfortunately remember words to songs or knowing the bands that sing songs has been a bit of an Achilles heal. So as I work with my kids longer and more often I see the value in singing with them for reaching but I am still woefully ill equipped to sing songs from memory. Therefore I went out in search of this kind of list!

Now, here’s “one” of those places where technology has been beneficial. Not only did someone share that list, but many of all of the songs can be found on amazon prime music - and are easily added to a playlist for my kids. Best yet, most have the lyrics available in the Amazon music app. Yay! I can sing along and try to get the girls to sing along too :).

Following Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers is an active adult platform to help connect people with great exercises and techniques to maintain health as we age. Here’s a yoga event coming up on Friday the 11th!

10 virtual schooling tips from parenting consultant

Here’s an article in from a parenting consultant to provide some guidance for parents who need to supervise their kids and their virtual schooling. Honestly, there’s some good holistic advice in there. Mental health days/space, creating a good work/school space and not internalizing grades as “your responsibilities” are some helpful tips. Some people want to get back to school as it was, others don’t. So we all need to adjust a bit until the world can get back to feeling confident. I will say this though, getting school credits from taxes may very well be an interesting choice in the future - perhaps that would allow people to choose the right school/schooling environment for their kids.

For example if there was a private school that was fully opened, people could send their kids there rather than public school particularly if the rules of public school don’t gel with work/life balance at home. The monumental task on public school is to satisfy the whole community, but unfortunately that can mean eliminating choice when government rules create more stress. People rely on schools to provide them with time to work and governments rely on work to pay taxes etc. but if parents have to start to pay for daycare on top of community taxes to help make sure kids get the attention they need during the day AND learn what they need to learn, the added burden may not be sustainable.

As we all pray for things to get back to normal, we also need to consider that lockdowns like these are possible again in the future. And if so, how will parents adapt when public schools may be shuddered? How will we be able to maintain choice in the face of public safety and what will be the acceptable risk we are willing to accept to maintain our personal liberties? I don’t know, but I just like to ask questions...

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