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What we’re following today September 6, 2019

Social Media Support Groups

Need a place to look for solutions or a place to vent? Daily Caring pulled out a list of 11 support groups for people dealing with all kinds of caring scenarios. Sometimes we need to discover that we’re not alone, but they are also great places to learn about the challenges people face when caring...

Just remember to scroll down to see the full list.

A Reading Resource

Here’s another resource for people with aging questions. The authors of the book

“Aging with Care: Your Guide to Hiring and Managing Caregivers at Home” Leslie Eckford and Amanda Lambert heard about our Generation Bridge Caregiver & Aging Conference and the let me know about their book and their site Mindful Aging. There are some good pieces of information there especially pertaining to how to hire the right caregivers to come into the home.

Some Basic Tips For Homework

For those with kids coming home with homework, there are 4-5 tips in this news report from Chicago about making life a little easier to make sure your kids stay on top of their school work.

Defining Moments of the Generations

Here’s a link to some info about defining moments of the different generations. While I don’t put much credence into generational psychology as a way to label an entire generation as “this” or “that” they still do a pretty good job of actually classifying the buckets of years where people were born and therefore the events that may help to define a childhood, etc.

These common events can help serve as connectors for us - shared experiences. Where were you when 9/11 happened? When the Challenger exploded? When JFK was shot? All of these are good examples of how we can connect with each other and perhaps understand a little more about how people were impacted by some of these cultural events.

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