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What We're Following Today September 4, 2019

Divorce Does Not Equal Failure

Divorce is an awful thing - tearing out roots that have been intertwined across a relationship extending to friends, family, and personal lives that have not been “singular” for a long period of time. I include content from time to time around divorce because I know just how traumatic it can be.

I am one to support trying everything one can to salvage a marriage is critical, but even with the best of efforts it is not enough and a couple needs to separate. There are a TON of negative emotions that people will go through and it makes complete sense why some would equate divorce to a death; one that needs to be grieved in order to move on healthily. One of the biggest negative emotions is the one of feeling like a failure…

This piece in the Huffington Post from a few years ago talks through some of the ways you can combat that feeling that divorce is a “failure.” While it’s not a positive at the moment you’re going through it, these call outs can help one see the potential for personal rehabilitation. You can walk away knowing that there were a lot of successes too.

One of the other things that is hard is seeing that things could actually be better. I am fortunate to have found my wife and my family after the divorce I went through with my first wife. The path life led me down was one filled with the trauma of a divorce which resulted in me being “ready” to meet my future wife who would become the mother to my children and my life partner.

If you are dealing with divorce or know someone who might be, this might be a good article to share with them in the hopes they might be able to combat that feeling of failure.

Alzheimer’s In the Workplace

Are you in HR? If so, this article may be especially relevant for you. This article in “Real Business” from the UK discusses the impact of Alzheimer’s in the workforce, particularly as it deals with roughly 1 in 20 cases of Alzheimer’s diagnoses being reporting in people younger than 65.

There are some questions that are helpful to ask called out. If you are in HR or are in a company where you think Alzheimer’s / Dementia might warrant more benefits attention, then you might want to take a cursory look at this.

Are you a Technophile?

I wanted to look up some of the top disruptive technologies predicted for 2019 and I found this article on Disruption Hub. There are some interesting technologies called out, particularly around the Internet of Things. Generation Bridge hopes to get people to connect individually based on life stage needs rather than generational labels - so maybe we are somewhat akin to the market of one (except without all the big data…).

Voice economy was something interesting too with so many of the personal assistants opening up out there. But one thing that may not be on this list that might need to be is the additional security we will all need to protect us from risks associated with holes in security for things like the voice economy and the Internet of Things. With so many more devices attached to the internet and registering some of our personal data, there is a LOT of opportunity for bad people to do bad things when finding back doors through security that doesn’t keep pace with technical innovation…

Should You Accept a Lower Paying Job After a Career Break?

Harvard Business Review published this article yesterday on what to consider when “relaunching” a career. There were some nice bits of info, but ultimately they address that taking a lower position isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you enter into the situation with humility.

If you have taken an extended gap, there are a lot of things that could have changed (technology, legislation, political environments, etc.). But if you get your foot in the door there will be opportunities that can open up, particularly if some of the companies like JP Morgan Chase (mentioned in the article) have established re-entry programs.

These Baby Names Are Going Extinct

If you are looking for names that others aren’t choosing for your future baby, here’s a list of names that are at risk of dropping off the face of the earth. Of course, as more people see this, they may be resurrected, but if you are looking for something fun to do for 5 minutes on a break, click the link below to view the slide show of names. 100 names (50 boys and 50 girls).

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Brian Sherwood
Brian Sherwood
Sep 04, 2019

Lol. I’m doing my part to keep the names alive;). Glad you like the range of articles. I hope that others might look at this as an interesting random daily collection of articles that helps them discover something new.


Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart
Sep 04, 2019

Very much like the range of articles and the summaries that allow you to choose which ones to dive into. As to the dying baby names I'm not sure that they ever die, they merely lie latent waiting for the opportune moment for a comeback. My 90 year old mother's name is Charlotte, a name which has had a recent resurgence. Now some may claim that the British royal family may have played a role, but I know better . . . it was my mother. :)

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