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What We’re Following Today September 29, 2020

We had a great webinar on the importance of planning in order to help make sure the money you need in retirement lasts as long as you need it to. Tom Fagan from Edward Jones walked us through the starting points of the process - setting goals, setting realistic targets and then making sure you tailor an approach that works for “you”. No situation is cookie cutter but planning is the key to making sure you know how you will live, especially as we all live longer - as Tom said, once you get to 65 and have a spouse, there is a 50% chance that one of the two of you will live to 90...25 years in retirement is a long time when income levels decrease...

If you didn’t know, we frequently run webinars now to address life challenge issues. When we finish we add video up to help preserve that info for others who may need it. Some video of today’s presentation will be released once it’s ready.

5 things to consider when deciding if assisted living is necessary.

This is a question I consider often. How will I know when it’s time to get help? There are a myriad of factors but Daily Caring comes up with a helpful 5 factors to consider when deciding on assisted living. Your stress and ability to provide the care needed for your elder are two principle factors that stood out to me. No one gets good care (caregiver or elder when stress levels are too high).

Note on Gramma

Well she keeps battling. Two broken bones at 95 and she’s just plugging along. She’s apparently as witty and joyous as she always is, but certainly tired. We just hope she is comfortable and able to recuperate in peace. At 95 there’s not a lot they can do, but fortunately the breaks can be healed without surgery or anything like please say a prayer for her if so inclined to have reduced pain and quick healing.

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