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What We’re Following Today September 20, 2019

Today I want to focus on Alzheimer’s. It’s a debilitating disease and one that is becoming more prevalent as we live longer. I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and this video of Seth Rogen testifying before congress popped up. Yup “Seth Rogen” his testimony he discussed his formation of a charity called Hilarity for Charity and the goal is to inform people about the truths of this disease.

One principle piece is that it isn’t exclusive to elders. While more prevalent, many people under retirement age are diagnosed. One other important piece is that it’s not simply a “memory” disease. While it may start out with signs of smaller memory issues it progresses to remove family from memory and then removes physical memory (eating / swallowing / etc.). It’s tragic to watch someone go through this process, and at the same time it is extremely stressful and often expensive.

Mr. Rogen does a great job of making the disease “approachable”, but there’s still much needed to continue to diagnose earlier, fund caregivers and agencies, and find ways to combat or cure this and other debilitating dementia conditions.

Here’s a link to his testimony:

Alzheimer’s at Generation Bridge’s Caregiver & Aging Conference

In addition to all the other topics out there, you can come to the conference and learn a lot about Alzheimer’s and where we are in the race for a cure. Dr. Peter McAllister of the NEICR will be presenting on some of the groundbreaking research being conducted, where we are, and where we’re hoping to go. He and his team are always looking for subjects for clinical research trials as they help test some of the latest treatments on the market today.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Connecticut will also be there with a table and will have some info on what’s going on nationally and what’s happening locally.

Here are some other links to sources mentioned above:

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