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What We’re Following Today September 2, 2019

Get married to reduce the risk of contracting dementia...

Ok. So maybe not get married, but this study highlighted in the Dayton News suggests that those in the study who were married were less likely to show signs of dementia.

This is one of those studies we have to be cautious about, but given the sample size and general goal of looking at the effects of relationship status as we age, there could be something here. The bigger question to as on this is “why?”

But with other studies suggesting the positive impacts of relationships and communities could also apply. But it is interesting to see these studies out there to help inform the battle against dementia.

Want to give your teens a credit card? Here’s why some say yes.

Every family situation is unique but getting good practices set up to help teach responsible credit card use and credit management could help your kid set themselves up for the future.

Things like building a good credit score can help kids secure lower interest loans in the future when they move on to full time employment or graduate from college. It’s also more secure/protected than using a debit card, and more good reasons.

But obviously you have to look at the best ways to evaluate if it’s a good decision, limits to put in place, or if your kid might be ready. The article has some good tips to help guide the decision.

7 retirement money mistakes

Business Insider has an article on some common money mistakes made in retirement. They do a nice job of calling out some different things to consider on retirement vehicles and money management topics.

CBD: what is it and what’s it used for

CBD is talked about everywhere now. It’s sort of a miracle drug. Like many of these trends it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t. So I found this article from 2018 on Harvard Health. It’s a nice intro/crash course in CBD.

As with many new treatments, time will show true efficacy, but it does show promise across a number of conditions ranging from seizures to anxiety.

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