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What We’re Following Today September 19, 2019

Teen Car Insurance Hurting Your Pocketbook?

Bankrate put together a helpful list of 5 tips to reduce your family premiums. We all know that the risk for an accident, damage, etc. is higher statistically for young drivers. While many need to drive to participate in life as a modern day teen (jobs, sports, clubs, etc.), there may be some ways you can get those premiums lower - a penny saved is a penny earned.

It’s from 2013, but here are the essentials:

be a good student. Good student rates can be as much as 20% lowerDo a safe driving course. It has an expense at first but can help reduce the rate of collisions and reduce your monthly premium. Some insurers offer coupons for the courses as wellDistance savings. If you have a child who studies far from home there may be some nice student discounts and/or ways to temporarily remove them from the policy while they are away (if they are not driving while away)Get a used car: get a nicely broken in car to reduce the cost of buying a car AND to help reduce the amount of coverage neededPlug in one of those smart driver USB monitors to help make sure your child is a safe driver. There are incentives to do it and if history shows good habits, then you can get good driver discounts.

FemTech Companies

This blog calls out some new players in the female healthcare technology space. Since 2014, femtech has raised $1 billion but is expected to grow that to $50 billion by 2025.

They profile 8 companies and their founders and talk about the reasons that led to the formation of creation of the new techs. I don’t know that I would agree that male startups concentrate on function purely, as I know of many that concentrate on the “why” just as much. However, there is something to be said about personal experience and emotional knowledge that certainly gives these women an edge. Some great insights into the why’s behind the development of these hopefully transformational tech startups.

NY State and RI Get Failing Grades for Their Policies on Children if Divorced Couples

In situations where parents want to remain involved, there are still instances where legislation gets in the way. There is a lot of research that supports the idea that kids are “better” served on “average” when both parents are part of their lives. Obviously that is easier if couples stay together, but it’s still true even after a divorce.

I am the product of divorced parents and I enjoyed a wonderful childhood largely raised with a mom who worked as a single parent and then with a stepfather who was willing to tolerate my teen angst and within whom I have connected with deeper since leaving the house for school and life. My father wasn’t necessarily “present” but he wasn’t absent either. But I also know that my kids will benefit from having me being involved in their day to day lives alongside their mom.

Every situation is unique, but we need to find ways to cut through the trauma and drama of the parents in order to make sure the children have access to two parents who both want to put the childrens’ needs above their own.

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