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What We’re Following Today September 18, 2020

Today as we’ve done on other Fridays we’ll cal out some attention to some good videos out there on important topics.

A Father Handles a Walmart Tantrum

I love how this guy handles his daughter in the Walmart parking lot. My daughter sounds very similar and we follow the same pattern - if you act up in public we don’t stay in public. I also love how he says wipe the stress off your face. When you’re at your wits end-remember you’re the parent and you buy the things you give them, you also can take them away :)

A Police Captain Illustrates What Scammers Are Saying no Phone Scams

I follow the advice of hanging up. You can always look up the real number for an organization and such (IRS, Social Security, etc.). But this conversation does help to show you how bold scammers are and the kinds of information they are trying to get out of their victims.

Also, you can hear the call center environment in the background. Please remember that these scams are big business! They have hierarchy and budgets. And before we rush to judgment on the scammers, please note there are other podcasts and more that note how many of the operators on these scams are scammed themselves into misconceptions about the people they are calling.

All throughout history we are filled with examples of how people manipulate others to do crimes/immoral acts by convincing them of how the “other” deserves report I read was how the operators are all told that the victims are so wealthy that they wouldn’t even miss a few thousand dollars - meanwhile they are not told about the truth that in many cases this scam bankrupts an individual and can leave someone with barely enough money to live out their remaining years.

92 Year Old First Pitch Attitude of Gratitude

Short clip from 4 years ago of a 92 year old World War II ver throwing the first pitch out at a ball game. Fauci, eat your heart out. Haha

Ever Wonder About the Origins and Man Behind the Song Amazing Grace?

I am always fascinated by the origins of the song Amazing Grace. I’m today’s culture the song may never have been written. Today we don’t seem to place much value in “redemption” or the way that someone can transform themself into a more virtuous version of their old self. It’s commonly called cancel culture. We see it in politics and ALL over social media. “You are not a good person because when you were in high school you...”

Frankly the truth is that NONE of us are “good” people. We all have hypocrite tendencies. We all sin in a variety of ways and none of us can truly be seen as “above” others. But for the grace of god we can be redeemed and saved - through His amazing grace.

So how important can the idea of redemption be? The legacy on one moment of conversion? Just look at Amazing Grace and we see it in so many ways. John Newton was a wretch - a slave trader and hooligan who came to God while imperiled at sea. But his conversion and story may have helped bring the abolition of slavery faster to the forefront and his song may have inspired countless others suffering under oppression who realized that all of us can be saved. Here’s a nice little video that calls all this out from a historical perspective.

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