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What We’re Following Today October 4, 2019

Chinese Elder Scam

This podcast from the AARP Fraud Watch brought a Chinese Blessing scan currently impacting primarily elder Chinese women. Scammers work “professionally” to convince a woman that there is a curse that needs to be lifted and that cash/jewelry can be part of the solution. The saddest part of all this, people who are scammed lose money they need, feel utter shame, and don’t want to lose face in a community or within their family; largely based on a fear of losing independence (will someone put me in a nursing home because they feel I lack competence).

Don’t Underestimate Your Spending In Retirement

Business subsidized expenses, overlooked expenses, increased healthcare costs and recurring non-recurring costs are 4 main things that we often don’t account for in our future retirement strategies.

The article details out these four elements and other things that may help you more accurately estimate what your living expenses will be post retirement. Unexpected costs can be a nest egg killer, so being a little more prepared is a good thing.

New Clint Eastwood Film Takes Aim at Media

I am truly not a fan of today’s journalism / news. I know that the style of journalism I want is not likely entertaining and therefore not likely to ever come back - if it ever existed. But with our new tech and the competition to get the scoop stronger than ever, I find it VERY hard to understand the story behind the opinion. This may be one of the reasons for Richard Jewell, the film about the Atlanta Olympics bombing subject who was “tried” publicly in the media who was later exonerated. However, while it was happening and it’s stigma stayed with him long past being cleared.

It’s too easy for people to say things that get a big reaction...even if untrue or unsubstantiated. The retraction usually is buried somewhere, but the damage is often hard to undo (often irreconcilable). I would truly love a report to outline both sides to a story that is theory or to simply report substantiated facts that don’t push people to form dangerous opinions.

Maybe it would be dull or boring news, but at least it would be accurate. And maybe it would calm some of the anger in this country. This looks like a good film to illustrate the importance of having the facts “straight” before going live with a story that is good for ratings or link clicks...

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