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What We’re Following Today October 30, 2019

Respite Care Provides Breaks for Caregivers

Ever consider respite care as part of your caregiving package? Sometimes caregivers just need a break. There are lots of facilities that offer respite care across Connecticut and the country. Here’s a post from that brings some considerations that might mean respite care is an option you should explore.

One of the first rules of caregiving, take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Lyft Helping People Get a Foot Forward

Sometimes corporations and municipalities or nonprofits do work well together to create some meaningful programs. The difficulty is getting the word out. I found this article from Atlanta talking about how Lyft, the ride share provider, and nonprofits like the United Way, Year Up, and Generation have teamed up to provide job seekers with access to rides to job interviews.

They decided to get involved when they looked at where their rides were originating. It’s a great case study in analyzing your data, the needs of your customers and then ACTING in order to address those needs.

MLB Stars Preaching Financial Literacy to Youth

The World Series is almost over but that doesn’t mean that the players’ influence is over. Some of the leagues stars have partnered with Bank of America to teach America’s youth about the importance of financial literacy.

This Forbes article says, “In partnership with the Bank of America Extras program and their Better Money Habitsseries, the trio (Josh Reddick and two other MLB vets) tackled importance of financial education and smart practices while also sharing personal stories.” What’s important is that these stars who are now earning a LOT of money talk to students and youth about how money and income are not guarantees. They mention some of their own less intelligent decisions and also discuss the importance of being aware of your finances. While they find themselves in the world of new wealth, they can still relate with scarcity and connect with kids to help lay the groundwork for future financial education to stick.

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