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What We're Following Today October 28, 2019

5 Reasons Why Retirement Is a Good Time To Launch A Business

Why not? My only caution would be to check with your financial advisor. As you reach retirement, you do need to be very careful about expenditures and sometimes starting a business can require an outlay of cash. That said, it can also be a great way to set your own agenda, find passion and meaning, bring in some additional income and potentially extend the life of your retirement accounts.

This article in Market Watch highlights 5 basic reasons.

1. You get an opportunity to work

2. Your work history is an advantage

3. You have established finances

4. You have niche experience

5. You can revisit your passions

I can tell you that there is a lot to be learned from those who have done it before you...Thanks Bob Stewart for sitting and talking with me from time to time to get my thoughts organized.

Ohio Organization Helps Parents With Young Children

Live Inspired helps parents who have children at home (2-3 year olds) to prepare their kids and get them ready to acclimate to a school environment. One of the key lines in this article that resonates for me is: “Clouse explained that the program empowers economically and educationally disadvantaged parents to become their child’s first, best teacher and inspires a passion for learning in their child.”

We all struggle to get our children in front of the best opportunities out there because we want to set them up with a future towards success. Raising the kids at home can be great when one has a plan, arranges for socialization, etc., but daycares and other structured preschool environments can help accelerate development heading into school. The kids that might be at an initial disadvantage could be those who come from homes that can’t offer the same level of support or planning because of financial or time constraints. Organizations like these can help us get the most out of ALL our children and strengthen our foundation as a country long term. The more kids we have that perform at their highest levels and learn to value the benefits of education, the better we will all be in the future.

Know of any programs like these in our areas here in CT? Other programs like these?

15 Minute At Home Alzheimer’s Test

Alzheimer’s (or any dementia) quite honestly scares the crap out of me…I know, not the most eloquent way to say it, but it’s true. I actually went to NEICR to do a screening because I know that if you catch something earlier then you have more opportunity to change / delay the onset of the effects. Sure, I was paranoid, and they said I have nothing to worry about, but I needed to do it for my own peace of mind. I mean, after all, how many times can I go to a cabinet and stand in confusion asking myself, “why am I here again?”

So I saw this headline come through my email over the weekend on It talked about a 15 minute at home test. So if you are wondering if you are exhibiting some signs, this test may be a nice way to help you ease your own paranoia or alert you that you might want to reach out to a medical professional to look into something more deeply. NOTE: even if you don’t “pass” a test like this, it doesn’t mean you are suffering from a condition. Let the medical pro’s help you confirm that, but it might help you get a little more sleep if your mind has been fretting over this…

You can find a link to the SAGE test and helps call out whether or not you might be suffering from cognitive issues or just being paranoid. They recommend printing out the test, filling it out and then taking to your PCP or other specialist to help interpret the results. I can tell you that when I went to the NEICR offices, it was a nice experience and after getting the test, I did realize that I was overthinking my own memory conditions; realizing that my head was working just fine :)

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