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What We’re Following Today October 26, 2020: Parenting

Great strategies for effective parenting

This post on is a great reminder of 9 effective tools we all have as parents or elders to bring children up with strong self esteem and mental health. Parents like me always have a hard time of establishing the balance of expectations and performance, discipline and patience, strength and vulnerability.

I know that through faith and through wisdom and experience, we can raise tomorrow’s generation to be the leaders we will need. This list is a helpful list to keep in your back pocket when parenting your kids - I don’t believe this is the all inclusive list, but if from time to time you can incorporate these into your teaching or parenting, you know your kid will benefit. But one thing I have to say, we have to be somewhat wary of today’s empathy above all culture - empathy is important but must be balanced with accountability and discipline. These terms do not have to be mutually exclusive and the right combination will always result in a stronger child and future adult.

A plant doesn’t grow on “love” alone, it needs water, heat, sun, etc. the right combinations of such things result in a healthy and productive plant. The same is the case for our children and our societies. So read this post to see some of the tools you can use to create a bountiful harvest in your children.

Safe Halloweens

It’s that time of year that we need to remind ourselves of some ways that we can make sure our kids stay safe on Halloween. This report from ABC 7 in Chicago talks through what is needed for safe trick or treating.

One site as a resource. with tips and ideas for a safe Halloween.

The ideas here also address Covid and best practices in order to keep ourselves “safe” - for example pre identifying people’s homes who you feel comfortable trick or treating with - a “pod” of sorts. Click below to watch their report.

A resource for post natal moms

We like to share places where people can learn from others and here is a blog that was created by Rupal Srivastava after she gave birth to her daughter in 2017. It started as a way to vent about some things she was focused on, and it worked out to become a labor of love that she’s built while maintaining her full time job as an engineer. Here’s an article about her story and below that is a link to her blog.

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