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What We’re Following Today October 13, 2010

Gramma has moved on towards our Father’s heavenly kingdom. I’ll have more to say later on. But while sad to know gramma is no longer with us here on earth I take comfort in knowing that she has left her failing body here on earth for the promise of eternal life in the heavenly kingdom.

While looking for photos for the upcoming service I came across this book I had boxed up. It’s a book of musings from a relative of my grandmother’s (I assume anyway) and my grandma had left a bookmark on the page of a poem written for Patricia’s children. But while for her children, I took great comfort in thinking my gramma has left that mark for us to find. Just as poignant was the bookmark itself. Both of these papers were very comforting for me. For me, there was a bit of divine intervention in this and I thank God that he touched me to look in that old box, fumble through and somehow decide to pull out that book thinking it was something like an old diploma or something. I can just see gramma reading through this within the last 10 years and saying that this is something she would want her loved ones to know, bookmarking it, and then potentially not thinking of it again.

My brother and I are not overly “sad” about her transition. She had been suffering with dementia for the last 5-7 years. It had been getting worse. Recently she fell and broke some bones. The pain was more than she could handle and we’re thankful she was able to reduce the pain with the help of hospice AND that I got to speak to her and hear just how much happier she was with the medicine - haha.

So that’s what I’m following this week.

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