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What We're Following Today October 1, 2020

If you missed our webinar a couple of weeks ago, you can catch it online on our YouTube channel where we will be capturing webinars that help people navigate life's challenges. Ryan Ventura of FirstLight Homecare in Connecticut presented Legacy: Leaving an Impact on the Next Generation. The full video is up and we'll be cutting up some of the topics into smaller chunks but if you have a chance to watch this presentation I recommend that you do. Ryan does an amazing job of calling out what we NEED to do in order to transfer our wisdom to generations to come! He walks through the REASONS why passing on that wisdom is essential for finding our own meaning AND for helping future generations success!

For further information on the Jonathan Edwards example Ryan calls out in the seminar, here is a link. It's important to look at the juxtaposition between the legacies created by two different personalities - Jonathan Edwards a Puritan preacher and academic and Max Jukes, a criminal. When they look at the breakout of the offspring, the differences are stark. The analyst in me notes that they are reporting out a "story" in this link, but the story seems legit. It would be great if they could show the full comparative splits (i.e., how many paupers or politicians were present in "Both" families). But I think the story is a good one to pay attention to - the example we set will influence the example set by our children, and their children.

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