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What We’re Following Today November 22, 2019

Today is more about reflection. If you have some time today and think about some of the people who bring you the most joy in your life, think about how you can be around them more or be of more service to them.

I went out for a rare boys night out with some of my best college friends in NYC last night. It was just two buddies and one other post college friend that joined up on a whim, but we had a wonderful time. It was not really planned, just a simple text message a couple of weeks ago and a willingness to commit to the date, but the reward of seeing such good friends was immeasurable.

it is great to be around people who you love and who love you back with no conditions. It does your soul good to laugh gregariously at inappropriate jokes and take some time to stop taking ourselves so seriously. I left feeling light and happy.

Now I love my life, and I am completely fulfilled. I love my wife and my children and get no greater joy than spending time with them, but sometimes it is good to remember who we were and to look forward to why being different is often better :). I rarely laugh as hard as I do when I am with the boys and we are crossing lines of appropriateness left and right. Its great to feel secure enough to enter the no judgment zone and let loose. But it’s also good to know that you can talk about real issues or challenges with each other while maintaining the same level of non-judgment. Life is good when you have good people in it.

So why do we often find it hard to get together with our friends? Why do we let life prevent us from bringing the goodness that these deep connections bring? It’s certainly not intentional, but we often elevate convenience on the priority list which ultimately feeds our inner procrastinator spirit.

There are many things we can all do to make interaction a higher priority. It might require a little more work, but the payout is soo good. The best part is that we can bring our friends and families together so that our kids and our spouses can enjoy one another too-leading to more good nights, stories, and guffaws.

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I found this in a caregiver newsletter. I was reflecting at how many caregivers( 99.9 percent women) are giving so much of themselves and find it difficult to delegate some of the actual care. To the detriment of their own health and well being. Does it feel like failure if you don’t actual personally do 100 percent of care? What drives us to serve and support so much that we neglect ourselves? This newsletter stayed that researching and finding the right resource to delegate some of the care is still caregiving! Think about it and please take care of yourself too.

Newsletter clip follows:

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