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What We’re Following Today: Caregivers October 23,2020

A wonderful story of a professional but selfless caregiver getting rewarded for her dedication and care for her clients. Dorothy represents the mentality of the person who is “designed” to care. Do you know any caregivers or companies that represent this mentality of service first? If so, I’d love to speak to them. Please let me know their info.

Vet caregivers benefits extended

For those taking care of vets injured in the line of duty before 1975 this article is for you! Even if you just take care of a vet, you may want to check it out to understand more about some of the programs out there.

New Caregiving Guide

Barb J. Garrod recently released her caregiving guide. It’s a how to manual and might be something that new caregivers OR experienced caregivers might want to consider. For some more info, please look here:

I don’t see any reviews yet, but it could be worth contacting the author if you are in the discovery mode of caregiving to better understand what this manual will teach you.

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