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What We’re Following Today August 22, 2019

Home Buyer Checklist

For some, they are getting ready to buy their first home. Others are getting more seasoned. Either way, here’s a helpful checklist of things you might want to consider or be on the lookout for when you’re in the market for a new home.

I might add. If it’s your first time or not, feel empowered to be your own advocate. There are lots of expenses that can just appear out of no where a year or three into the purchase. Feel free to remember that you are likely in a place of emotion and it’s ok to ask questions and thoroughly check the home over to make sure there isn’t something that could hurt you in the future. It’s a big purchase so breathe and feel great about your decision to buy.

4 Things You Can Do To Ward of Dementia

This article is on They talk through the same things that so many other sources call out as helpful and beneficial with regards to preventing dementia. For example, “Among people with high genetic risk for dementia, those who had a healthy lifestyle were 32 percent less likely to develop it than those with an unhealthy lifestyle.”

I’ll admit that I thought it was going to be an article about bicycling but there was some good info in there about the potential impact of a healthy lifestyle among those who might be more genetically predisposed to dementia. When looking at the final analysis, I would say it raised some interesting potential things to explore further, but that they would still need bigger sample sizes to make more concrete conclusions. That said, given this and other studies show fairly consistent patterns, I think it remains clear that a healthier lifestyle has dramatic impacts on the long term health of people. So if I know that, why am I sitting here eating Yogurt covered pretzels???

Still Not Convinced About the Big Business of Aging?

This report from Ohio talks through a major training investment from the Catholic Health system is building a new training program ($13 million or so) to help reduce caregiver turnover and improve the overall care process.

This is worth a read if you are in the healthcare system or looking to help improve the care of the people we love who fall into the system later in life. The better care people provide, the better we will all feel.

Intergenerational Tutoring

This report on Fox 59 out of Indianapolis highlights the benefits of older individuals finding fulfillment and employment as tutors for younger generations. They highlight the Oasis program that pairs tutors with the children whose parents requested additional help within the school system.

The program seems wonderful and they are in a bunch of other cities. It’s been around for 30 years as well but it does seem like a great way to find some meaning after retirement or even when still working. The one thing they didn’t seem to mention was something about passing a security screen. I would hope that anyone who volunteers for these roles would need to pass a security screen of some sort.

Are there any programs like this in Connecticut? I’d love to hear more about them.

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