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What We're Following Today September 14, 2020

Hacks and Other Risks to Online Learning

So this happened…is it something we wouldn’t have expected? No…whether outside malicious attempts to play around with all the kids on virtual learning OR even if it’s kids inappropriately sharing / communicating on these more “mass” communication tools, it is clear that the online world offers some tricky things that parents and children have to navigate while kids learn virtually. For teachers, it may be easier to police “in-class” even if not impossible to prevent, but the risk increases as kids are now susceptible to broader disruptions…

Fun Games to Make Your Child a Financial Genius

This article has a couple of GREAT ideas to help build financial and mathematical acuity in your kids. They have some fun things that can help make financial literacy a game to help kids take in and apply the learnings to their life later on. Check it out - good ideas for your kids or grandkids (including board games - yay…they are more than just “fun”).

Divorce Is Tough For Celebrities Too

Kelly Clarkson opens up a little about her divorce and its impact on her life. Her next album promises to address some of the emotions and tough times we go through in relationships. It’s never easy and we should always remember just how tough a divorce can be, especially among those who have children or between people who are attacking each other contentiously.

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