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What We’re Following Today November 16, 2020. Legal Concerns

The current election legal challenges are causing a lot of division in the country but really that is mostly driven by media coverage that openly thrives on creating division. That division tactic works across both parties.

One one side you have the feeling that the election was stolen through fraud. On the other side you have the story that the current administration is forming a coup. Both extremes create fear and don’t help people get the rational look at the situation.

could our media just explain:

  1. the election is not certified so projected president is not = actually elected candidate. We ALWAYS wait for certification.

  2. all credible accusations of fraud SHOULD be investigated. All of us on both sides should look to identify examples of fraud and correct those for the future.

  3. even with fraud, it is not likely that the votes needed to overturn initial counts would appear. Biden will likely carry through. Fraud is present in every election but is usually not close to generating the numbers that would be needed to overturn an election.

  4. if Biden does secure the presidency, we should support him as a president and hope that our country improves. If arrumo somehow comes back, then we should support him too. Both candidates should be evaluated and questioned when they engage in any policy making that either party opposes. That’s the way it has always worked until the 2016 election.

  5. we need to recognize that there are some significant differences among the voting public. We’re getting too far away from each other and compromise is basically a swear word today. Both sides need to start to recognize the value that each group brings to the table AND do better at engaging in debate versus dangerous hyperbole. How can we address highly controversial Policies like abortion, etc. in a more civil way? What kind of progress could be made if we didn’t approach things from places of hate and fear?

I’m just tired of the all or nothing conversations out there and I’m sick of seeing people have violence committed against them simply because they disagree Politically. My wife and I differ politically on certain topics. We both may feel we are right on certain topics but we both love each other and recognize that the disagreement is not based on moral weakness or evil tendencies. Our country is like a marriage and needs to get better at communication, telling the truth and respecting one another more.

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