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What We’re Following Today November 11, 2020: Veterans Info

In recognition of Veteran’s Day here’s a couple of links to some topics that relate to vets and the generations of them that exist today. Ever wonder what our demographic makeup of US vets is? Here’s a great post that talks through some key stats. For example: the VA is the nation’s second largest federal employer, there are 21.6 million living vets, 42% over 65 and 1.2 million over 85. Check out this post on the Aging Life Care Journal.

The challenge of multiple generation communication across military personnel

This is an interesting look at some of the challenges the military face when managing across generations. In this piece there are some interesting opinions about how long people need to make a point or the time we have to keep someone’s attention by generation break. You know we don’t generally like the stereotype findings when applying theories to people within a 20 year swath. But there are definitely some things to consider when looking at attention spans, etc. I would say though that consumption of media like podcasts and YouTube media that the growth of long format programming is not exclusive to older generations (often led by younger individuals). Nonetheless, managing across generations has always been difficult in the military and if anyone has a pulse on it, they do.

VA Benefits for 65+

Here’s a link to the VA benefits page.

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