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What We’re Following Today September 8, 2020 provided a few good articles in their latest newsletter about how children may exhibit signs of depression and or suicidal tendencies during this pandemic. It’s sad to think of kids dealing with this kind of emotion but it’s a reality. It’s not the majority - so let’s focus on the fact that this is NOT the norm. That said, we’re all a little better if we’re aware of concepts and things to pay attention to if our children need help; those in our immediate families or those outside our normal peer circles.

I think we all need to take a step back and recognize our own influences on these emotions too. When we are surrounded by a media and leadership on all sides of the aisle who seek to divide us with a message of negativity and gloom.

Signs of Child Depression

Great information in this article and the next one. But if things are serious and you may think someone is getting to a point where they need more serious intervention (i.e., suicide" here's a quote from the article below that is important to pay attention to:

"And if you child is experiencing suicidal thoughts, it’s important to seek emergency care immediately. If you think your child or adolescent is suicidal, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or 911 if there is an emergency. Don’t hesitate—the risk of suicide in children and adolescents is all too real."

If You’re Worried About Suicide

Now we can't leave on all negatives - not after the little oratory at the beginning about the need for us to not "just" focus on the negative...

Here's a quote of the day from the Good News Network: “It’s so easy to look at all the problems and let them dominate you… but there’s so many reasons to be positive.” – Sylvia Earle

So what are some of the reasons to be positive today?

Lockdown has pushed some people and generations to become a little handier - here's an article about how Millennials are taking on more home projects. 81% of millennial homeowners have tackled a home project since the lockdowns began.

Can we be thankful for what we have? Here's a wonderful story of a woman [LaShenda Williams] slept for a year in her car in a Kroger parking lot who now has a job at that Kroger. This story found on the Today Show's "Good News" site illustrates the suffering we can endure and the value and meaning we can find in ourselves once we start working / producing something by our labors.

The other thing here is how "people" made something happen for someone. A hiring manager noticed her, and once she became a part of the team, her fellow co-workers helped her succeed even more. This is what we are here to do on this earth - look out for one another, help one another, do our best to be the kind of people that our Creator WANTS us to be. This story has me fired up! When all we hear about is how evil one group of people can be versus another, we can take heart that this story and many others represents how people with differing paths in life and differing points of view can come together under the COMMON goal of being loving and compassionate humans!

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