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What We’re Following Today: Parent Topics

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

You’re about to have a’ve also not been spending like a family ever in your life. You know that when the baby comes into the world you’ll need to start thinking about how to survive on the same income when having a new mouth to feed.

Maybe you can keep golfing, or maybe you need to start moving money into education funds or perhaps funds are already so tight you don’t know where to begin. That’s why getting your finances in order and organized is a priority. By getting a budget together, you can start to identify where you can cut back AND where you might need to increase spending in the future (i.e., food / housing expense).

Here’s an article on budgeting tips for new parents. A helpful look at some of the steps you can take to make sure you don’t find yourself in a financial hole before your child even turns one year old. This article is a compilation of tips from various people who needed to establish a new financial plan after kids entered the equation. Things like being on top of health insurance coverage, reaching out for hand me downs, and more.

How about helping understand the risks with online / internet access for kids. With my young kids, I will need to start paying attention to their online behavior soon. This site has some really helpful information on risks and/or many other topics when trying to keep your kids safe as they grow older in a world where EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is available.

Even seemingly harmless stuff like creating a profile can open up risks to your kids (the more info provided the more people can use to entice your kids to speak or the better companies can market goods to your kids). Something to consider, I had my children watching an animated bible movie on a free streaming platform. But imagine my surprise when I walked in during a commercial that was promoting AMC’s The Walking Dead with zombies and other stuff being promoted...essentially we all have to navigate the security and parenting features on EVERY site we let our kids watch.

How about something GOOD from kids. Sure thing. Here’s a list of child prodigies who are already changing the world. Sometimes parents and kids get it right and these kinds of kids show us what the future can look like.

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