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What We're Following: June 5, 2019

Sandwich Generation Mom’s Who Are Physicians – Burnout Risk

The AMA is trying to make physician burnout a thing of the past. Things like time constraints, technology and regulations (and more) are factors driving burnout. Nearly one in six physician moms are caring for others in their home and the AMA recently released some results from some research conducted within the group. Something to note, Doctors are people too. They are dealing with high stress work environments and patients who are often under high levels of anxiety. Perhaps next time we are in the office, we can try to remember that no matter how good they are at covering up their own life stresses, we can do our best to try not to add to it J

I’m Not a Soccer Mom, But I Play One In My House…

OK, so I am a dad, but I have to admit, I love station wagons and mini-vans. With two young kids in the house, I have been looking and dreaming about what the next “car” will be. We rented a Pacifica on vacation a couple of years ago and the wheels have been spinning since. I did a search and found this nice post on Autobytel – 10 Best Soccer Mom Cars. Thanks “Soccer Mom” for being a recognized class of consumer products so that I could easily search it out J

Business Owner Struggling with the World’s Digital Migration?

I’m not a boomer, but this is a legitimate article for many of us who are struggling to keep up with the constantly changing digital environment to market, follow up and communicate with customers. I found this article searching “Boomer” challenges, but it also represents the disconnect with generational labels because this content is relevant for any and all business owners (small or large). The age of digital disruption creates angst for those of us who are trying hard to “fit in” and play in a space where the tools and strategies are always changing. A good post with a link to some videos that could be helpful for a wide variety of business owners.

D-Day – 75 Years, Putting Some Visual Context to the Immensity of the Event

Here’s a nice video from ABC News which calls out some first hand recounts of the D-Day Event. Before too long, we will lose those who were there and we will run the risk of forgetting what kind of moment it was – similar to understanding the terrors of trench warfare from WWI, and the calamity of historic battles like Gettysburg in the Civil War, etc. But at least today, we are able to record so many of these stories.

Resume Standards Today

There are lots of things to consider when getting your resume ready for changes in your career, etc. Things like content, formatting, tone, etc. Depending on what you are going for, you may want to consult with someone who knows the right language and formats to help your resume stand out. But in the meantime, here’s an article from that calls out some of the things you should consider before re-doing your resume (note link to downloadable template doesn’t appear to be working in the article – so here’s a link to some templates on

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