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What We're Following June 4, 2019

What we’re Following Today, June 4, 2019 75 Years Approaching for D-Day Anniversary

Sometimes we forget how “relatively” peaceful the world has been since the 1990’s. Yes there have been major wars and conflicts, and this post isn’t meant to minimize ANY service, but nearly 10,000 Allied servicemen were killed or wounded and 4,000 – 9,000 German servicemen were also killed or wounded. If you can, read about or listen to vets describe the landing and you can quickly see the trauma associated with such an event. As someone who never served, I can’t imagine what the environment in a conflict is like, but when you are exposed to first hand stories, it is much easier to feel grateful that some people are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for others. As the number of people who survived the attack continues to dwindle with each year, we should always try to remember their stories to get “context” of the sacrifices made.

New Classification of Dementia Called Out in Recent Study.

This article is somewhat technical, but it talks about some of the reasons why some treatment trials on Alzheimer’s may not have been successful as dementia diagnosis can be a moving target. There is still so much to learn, but with every step, we can hopefully get closer to effective treatments.

Funny Tantrums Parents Can Recall

Sometimes a good and funny article to help parents understand they are not alone. Here’s an article from 13 parents telling their funniest tantrum story. There are some really interesting stories that I can relate to as a father of a 3 and a 1 year old. Enjoy.

Some Recent Reports Point to a Potential Recession. Here’s a List if Things to Consider.

This is a 10-item list from the Penny Hoarder. There are some simple things to think about and many should be considered relevant even in a strong economy. It never hurts to be prepared for change :)

21 Low Impact Exercises to Bring Into Your Life

I’m carrying a little extra weight and don’t want to start running again until I build some muscle and drop a few pounds. But if I don’t have variation, I can get here’s a list of lower impact exercises to bring into the routine in order to mix it up and still burn some calories.

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