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What We're Following, June 3, 2019

Building For Tomorrow’s Aging Demographic Changes

Could communes be on the way back? Retiring and living within a community of people “like you” could be what builders and city planners might be tasked with in the future. As many as 2.5 million seniors will be downsizing when 2035 comes around. If you’re considering retiring in the next decade, this is worth a read and if you are looking for a trend to find a market to look at (employment and opportunities), it’s also worth a read :)

Young Parents Also Struggle With Sleep Training As a Strategy - And This Article Shows the Struggle

Sometimes controversial, here’s an article that talks about “controlled crying” or letting children cry it out when sleep training. This article points out how visceral reactions can be. In the end it does say the choice is for each set of parents to make on their own, but there’s also something to be said about how people see what they want to see in articles/books like these. But looking objectively at data can shed some light on both sides. And if there is data supporting both sides the conclusion of “individual choice” makes sense - for both our children we did controlled crying and it worked for us. We won’t judge those who decide not to, but recognize that every family needs to find solutions that work for them.

Fraud Alert: Fake Social Security Administration Calls

We’ve seen many types, IRS, Claiming Free Money, etc. Here’s a news story about some of the newer types of social security scams aimed at getting information and social security numbers. The FYC has seen over 70,000 reported cases and $19 million in financial losses. Just remember, you can always hang up and reach out to the government entities directly.

Blog Post About Good Ways to Cope With Being a Caregiver to a Partner.

A nice little opinion piece with some helpful ideas about caring for a partner. It’s a tough and fulfilling job to provide care for someone, particularly for someone who is your partner - someone who was more of a teammate in the past.

Some Good Life Hacks For Breaking Bad Habits

Here’s a really nice list of 10 things to consider when the need to break some of our bad habits come up. I like lists like these because they help organize a plan of attack.

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