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What We're Following June 10, 2019

Planting Trees in Your Yard Is Greener Than You Think

This article extolls some of the energy and medical benefits of trees planted in your yard along with a link to more detailed information in the research that backs up the claim. Is $180 - $400 worth a quick read? Perhaps being a more positive person is a reason to read? After all, don’t you love sitting underneath a shady tree on a sunny day with a slight breeze?

Ten Doctors Who Have Changed the World

We have come so far in how we view the human organism and how we treat the human organism thanks in large parts to people who followed a life path dedicated to helping protect us. This is a nice list of 10 doctors who have made huge impacts on our lives. Some of these things we often take for granted (i.e., the vaccine for smallpox, advocates for equality, open heart surgery, leukemia, HIV and more). I know there are so many others, but sometimes we need to remember how things were and are when thinking about the luxuries we are afforded thanks to the efforts of others ACROSS all generations.

10 Best Cities for First Time Homebuyers

Yahoo! Finance put together a list of the best cities for first time homebuyers. Considering a move for a job / career and looking to buy rather than rent? Our own Hartford, CT made the list. However, be careful First Timers – investigate the tax rates and school systems, etc. Price values may be lower (ease of entry), but you may need to look at taxes to understand monthly payments AND evaluate what other services you will need based on life stage. To see their video click the link below.

CCRI Hosting Virtual Dementia Tour – Empathy Through Experience

As we live longer, and learn more, we are diagnosing Dementia more. CCRI is hosting the Virtual Dementia Tour in June at its campuses to help people understand more about what it is like to live with Dementia. When we understand each other more, we empathize more and can improve our communications with each other. We’re looking forward to when/if the tour comes to CT.

12 Tips to Keep Produce Longer

Many of us want to throw out less food – here are 12 tips that can be followed to prolong the life of your produce! Example – did you know Cantaloupes release a gas as they ripen that can speed the decay of other produce sensitive to the gas? Store them separately to keep all items around longer.

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