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What We’re Following August 2, 2019

The Difference In Yearbooks of a Generation

This isn’t a link to another site but I was sitting in a McDonalds this morning and admittedly just impolitely eavesdropping on a conversation between two strangers who started talking about life. One was in his 30’s and the other in his 60’s. The one in his 60’s was a Vietnam Vet. He said something that really stuck with me and helps you put perspective on the things that make us similar or different. But before you dismiss someone because they don’t look like you or think like you, just remember that you have no context of what they may have been through. We all need to be like these two and be open to just talking with each other because not all of us grew up with an active draft and not all of us signed our high school yearbooks with “see you in the rice patties.”

One Person’s Advice For Those Going Through Divorce or Separation

Beatrice O’Neal wrote this post. As a person who has been through a divorce and the hurt associated with it, I can relate to her advice. Today I walk a happier life with an amazing partner and a family I love dearly, but when going through the divorce you have a hard time seeing that as a possibility. Everyone’s situation is unique but one thing I remember, when I decided to share I got better. I think this story is a good one to share - the more we know we are not alone when dealing with such a painful experience, the more we can start to let go of the thoughts that can tear us down.

The Race for a Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s Earlier

We are still not there but there are many things being investigated around the possibility of detecting the presence of Alzheimer’s I’m the system “earlier” so that more can be done to treat or prevent it. This is an article that talks through some of these tests being developed. Please note, as with other conditions, it will likely continue to be a long time before a test that is accurate enough for diagnosis can be created but I am comforted in knowing that we have a world full of scientists trying to understand the condition and eventually eradicate it :)

8 Bite Sized Ways to Get More Happiness at Work

Forbes really does have some great content for career advice. Contributor William Arruda wrote this piece he identifies some helpful podcasts and vlogs (video) that people might consider when navigating the best ways to advance and succeed in our careers. In each of these resources people can find practical advice on how to handle many work scenarios like bullying, getting things done and being seen as the person who gets things done, etc. If you’re trying to find more ways to make it work at work, take a moment to read this. Perhaps one of the resources will inspire you to change things up or come at your job from a new angle.

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