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What We’re following August 1, 2019

Blueberries ARE Good For You

This article on highlights some results from a study published in the The Journals of Gerontology about the health benefits of blueberries. Now that we’re in August, you can reap the benefits of this wonder fruit in your own backyard because countless pick your own farms are now producing them. But more than the fun of getting outside and supporting a local farm, these berries have all sorts of circulatory and neurological benefits.

Be Aware if Burgeoning Businesses um Unlikely Places

Looking for a side hustle? Looking for new businesses and opportunities? When laws change or new disruptions enter there are always opportunities. But according to this article on there is a nice opportunity opening up with cannabis legalization and classes to teach growing and legal best practices. I’m MAssachusetts some gardening classes are skewing older than people expected. But upon reflection it likely makes sense. So if you have a green thumb, be ready for when your state legalizes marijuana cultivation. Learn the laws and then teach people responsible ways to grow ;)

What To Do When You Face a Paycut

This article in Forbes provides advice for those who may be in line for a paycut or career change with financial uncertainty. The author [Caroline Cenzia Levine] bases much of this on her personal experience and that of some of her clients. For many hitting their prime earning years in the 40+ segment, the possibility of life events that drastically impact earnings is a legitimate consideration. In addition to being ready to make lifestyle adjustments she recognizes the liberty and confidence that setting aside a savings fund can mean - even when simply negotiating for a raise. Definitely an article worth a read for people in all life stages.

What Should Millennials Know About Social Security?

Here’s a link to a Yahoo Finance video outlining some millennial concerns about Social Security’s future and addressing some perceived myths. It’s a nice 5 minute video that concisely talks through what millennials should know about Social Security. However, it might have been good to have someone with a counterpoint to discuss some of the opposing points of view; getting a better idea of why myths are propagated - Based in truth? Other?

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