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Things to Do In CT Spring / Summer

Thank you to Roseanne Homola for compiling a nice list of things to do in Connecticut this Spring and Summer. She consistently sends things my way for me to consider - whether that is to learn about things like Alzheimer's and Dementia, or simple fun things to do with my two young kids. So I asked her to pull together a list of things to do in CT and she overdelivered "as usual".

Roseanne is simply a selfless individual who is an amazing friend, mother, wife, daughter, colleague...and the list goes on. She's an amazing resource and I can't thank her enough for pulling together this information. Click here to download the list of things to do - this list provides you with ideas that meet any individual's needs. If you are looking to take in the sites yourself, with a parent, or with your kids, you'll see some amazing ideas that can inspire you in a lot of different directions!

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