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Status Update

Apologies for anyone who does follow my posts fairly regularly. I have been absent somewhat as some short term priorities have taken over a bit. With the Coronavirus havoc that had plagued the events and conferences industry has come to rest squarely on my doorstep. We have not been able to do events for Generation Bridge this year and my event consulting business dried up fairly quickly when event companies began to tighten their belts.

My wife also worked for a tradeshow organizer and they recently had their second round of layoffs this year. My wife was part of that layoff and therefore our priorities have changed in the short term. We were trying to weather the storm for Generation Bridge and my consulting work to come back with the occasional real estate transaction sprinkled in, but when she lost her job it meant we had to both enter the job search arena.

it’s not a sad thing, just a different thing. What’s important is that we both recognize and feel that this is the hand of God playing a role in our lives. We’re trying to listen to His guidance and follow his path as best we can. The good news is that once we tapped into our networks there have been some opportunities unveiling themselves. We are blessed to have so many people in our networks, church family and friends who are looking to help us - and Importantly we are not above asking for help.

ultimately we are grateful for all the people and events that have helped mold us into people that others respect and want to help. And we are so blessed to have people we look up to and can reach out to when things are tough. If you find yourself in need of some advice or consult or a listening ear, please don’t go it alone. Look for people who have been placed in your life by the grace of God or if you need to, please feel free to reach out to me -

going at it alone or pulling back “within” oneself is often a recipe destined to fail. The more we share the more we’ll learn.

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