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Life Stage Adaptation - 40's - 50's

While we don't generally look at Generational Labels at Generation Bridge, we do look at life stage. Those in their 40's and 50's likely face the same challenges that their predecessors did before them, and that their successors will feel in the future. When we are younger, we have more consistent promotions to feel like we are heading somewhere. When we are older we may have "fewer" stresses or expenses like daycare and may be looking to ride out the next few years before retirement.

40's and 50's can be a time of career crossroads to find more meaning in our work and/or re-organize for the home stretch. Companies face challenges of how to make cultures work across ages and life stages. This is a good piece on some of the emotional challenges of "Gen X'ers". The question will be, how will individuals, companies, cultures and co-workers adapt to help each other find meaning and fulfillment in the careers we choose?

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