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What We’re Following Today September 30, 2019

The Caregiver & Aging Conference took place on Saturday and initial feedback has really been positive. The content and information that was available across the sessions and the expertise of the agencies and professionals available to answer questions are all reasons that are cited. We’re humbled that people would spend the Saturday with us, and we are happy that we’re able to make a difference. Can’t wait for what is next.

Are your kids on the dark web?

CBS New York has this story to help parents track children’s behavior online. This helpful story calls out some warning signs and recognizes kids abilities to keep parents in check. That said, you should trust your kids, but not feel guilty about verifying their statements nor about keeping. A watchful eye out.

Divorce is a Big Deal

At our conference this weekend, Ethel Anne Roome discussed ways to deal with grief. As many state, grief isn’t just happening when someone dies. It happens in any situation of loss. Sometimes that loss is because of death. Other times it is for things like changing personalities of those we love, or things like divorce.

Here’s a story in USA Today about one woman’s divorce and its impact on her life. She bravely shared her story that is instantly relatable to so many. Ever wonder how much a divorce can impact your life or the life of someone you know? Read this article to get one perspective.

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