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What We're Following Today September 11, 2019

Today is a day for many of us that brings back memories of confusion, patriotism, sadness, anger and a myriad of other emotions. For anyone living through it, 9/11 is one of those moments that shapes perspectives and hearts. Today we remember those who were killed, their families, and the countless others who were impacted by 9/11.

For Veterans Caregivers, Here’s Some Info on 9/11

Here’s a link to some of the support benefits that vets and their caregivers might have access if they were seriously injured in the line of duty post 9/11.

Violence Begets Violence

Here’s a look at some of the ways 9/11 impacted our society. The premise is very true, violence begets violence, but with hindsight comes some clarity that I think clouds the truth. It’s tough to say, “don’t react” and it’s tough to say that we are not safer today than we were then because speaking in hypotheticals leads us to assume something - the fact is we took a course of action and it also has consequences. But if we had not taken an action, it is hard to say we wouldn’t have had additional consequences.

However, it is important to note how much of an impact this event had on our society and collective psyche. With every act like this we continue to lose some of our innocence. I don’t know where I fall on this article’s “recommendations”, but I do believe the core principle of humans needing a better forum to express differences, frustrations and resolutions is correct. It’s HARD to turn the other cheek, but if we truly believe this, we need to start exhibiting a bit more of it with our own society. We would all benefit from accepting that we don’t all think alike AND respecting all sides in a dispute. But once violence enters the equation, we need to recognize that at least one group has broken the covenant for spirited debate…

More Than a Dozen Children of Fallen 9/11 Heroes Joining Fire Department

This video report on NBC News talks about children following in parents’ footsteps and becoming firefighters. I thought it appropriate to bring this out today as we look at our impact on younger generations even when we perhaps have left this life prematurely. Out of the wreckage, we can still find some solace as life continues and meaning can be found even in the darkness of tragedy.

Where Was I On September 11, 2001

I was working for a small market research consulting firm called The Westport Company. We had an office in South Norwalk, CT above the train tracks and above a bar/restaurant called Rattlesnake. I was listening to Howard Stern on the radio and he was talking about reports of a plane flying into the World Trade Center, but I just assumed it was something like a Cessna. When I walked into the office, someone had the picture up online and we all said this was no Cessna.

I went downstairs to the bar/restaurant and it was still closed but there were people there doing prep work for the day. I asked if I could watch the news on their TV and just sat there mesmerized for a while until the first building collapsed. At that point it was back upstairs in shock and we all huddled around a TV that was placed in the back to continue to follow what was happening. Everything stood still until building 2 came down.

We left early and I will always remember driving down 95S and there was NO traffic. But as I was driving, on one of the overpasses, there was a person waving an American Flag to all traffic. In all this sadness and surreal aloneness, it was so heartwarming to feel see this one solitary person giving us all a sign that we were united in our sorrow and hope.

Planes weren't flying and I remember living next to the Metro North train tracks and my ex wife woke up as the trains went by worried that we might be under attack. It was an unsettling feeling when we just didn't feel "safe" anywhere. I also still remember being amazed when I was playing soccer in a field and I started to see planes flying into airports to get ready for air travel to open up. It was a sign of what happened but also of how life must go on.

While we have moved on in many ways as a country, I can't say we have recovered. It was just another time when our country lost a bit of its innocence, but someday I hope we can come together again with hope and respect.

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