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What We’re Following Today September 1, 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Ever interested in looking at music over the decades? Here’s a link to Wikipedia’s list of the top billboard song of every year back to the 1940’s. Here’s to Disco Lady and Convoy! Disco Lady:

Enjoy the trip through memory lane - but also remember HOW much music connects us to others ACROSS generations. Some songs I hear from time to time truly bring me back to car rides in my parent‘s car and different times in my life - my kids don’t just listen to music from today but they are growing up with the music I grew up with too.

Some updated numbers on Coronavirus from the CDC and how deaths are made up by age and other breaks

if you are following the numbers everyday, here’s the CDCs latest breakdown of Coronavirus cases and deaths in the US. Some things we already knew are illustrated like the highest rated being in older age breaks AND having preexisting conditions. Table 3 on the page is particularly telling with information about how the deaths are broken out by preexisting conditions. Lots of data to breakdown but certainly helps to identify the highest risk categories and should help us to be smarter about how we attack this and other outbreaks in the future - identify outbreaks, localize reactions and help protect highest risk groups.

Financial Advice for College Kids

Penny Hoarder offers some good financial advice for young college adults. What makes this great is that it is advice people are giving their “younger” selves. If we had only known...

some great real world advice is spliced in this piece.

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