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What We're Following Today on July 1, 2019

Working With A Sick Kid At Home

We’re getting close to a great holiday shortened week. But today I have a child staying home sick from daycare and it prompted me to look up strategies to get work done when you have a child home sick. Here’s a post with some helpful tips and ideas.

American Reliance on Social Security

If Americans are relying on Social Security at the levels listed in this USA Today article, then we really need to start looking at how we plan for our retired / post high-paying career phases. Supplemental income and better budgeting habits should be things we think about with our younger selves so we look at Social Security as a luxury rather than a necessity. It will only replace about 40% of our income when we retire and as many as 90% of current retired Americans will lean on Social Security according to a recent Gallup poll.

What is Independence Day?

Since we are in the 4th of July week where we celebrate family, friends and patriotism with barbecues and fireworks, it is important to reflect on the meaning of the 4th of July. This post on calls out some of the items we should remember about the Declaration of Independence, what drove us to declare independence, and the reasons why this independence is important to us. With so many deep differences between Americans, at least we can take some time to reflect on how so many people who had vastly different beliefs could come together, work hard together, compromise, and deliver a document that helps unite us as a people.

A little background:

Background of Declaration of Independence:

Finding Meaning - a Common Need for All Generations, But Here’s Some Tips for Finding Meaning in Old Age

Even as we lose the ability to participate in certain hobbies (i.e., sports) at the same levels we did as younger competitors, we gain life experience that can help others as well. Meaning comes in all forms, but is often a form of rebirth that allows us to pursue new passions or help others through the benefit of our experience. Becoming a mentor to help people organize their lives, feeding old passions that have been suppressed, etc. Finding meaning and drive will keep us young and happy.

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