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What We’re Following Today March 6, 2020

A 100 Year Old Arrest

A Roxboro, NC resident spent the day in jail. On its own, nothing too shocking, but the interesting thing is that the arrest subject was a 100 year old woman. Apparently, one of her bucket list birthday wishes was go be arrested. Kudos for all involved to help make it a fun experience.

Fun Activities for Elders Besides Bingo

Here’s a great blog post I found with some fun ideas for activities to do with your loved ones - regardless of age. They are great ideas for staying active, connecting with others and passing on wisdom!

Unique Bucket List Items

The Odyssey had a list of 65 unique bucket list items that others have mentioned. How many are on your list? 25 items on this list were ones that I would want to do OR ones I have already done.

Bucket lists is a pretty intriguing web search. Going through others lists can help one reflect on some of the cool things we have already done in our life!

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