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What We’re Following Today March 26, 2020

Well, it’s possible I might be showing some symptoms of Covid-19. Yesterday a 102.5 fever simply popped up out of no where and I got the shivers. I called the Covid hotline given to me by my primary care physician. I spoke with a wonderful young woman who I believe was taking the initial info and then she transferred me to a doctor. He also registered the symptoms but said that since tests are limited that I wasn’t exhibiting a level of symptom severity that would warrant a test and that I should just monitor myself over the next few days and if things worsen then call back.

My symptoms were a fever, headache, infrequent cough. My breathing is good at this point but now because of a bad nights sleep I do feel fatigued. Also, my knees are feeling a little sore today. They said to try to isolate a bit in the house to protect my girls and pregnant wife. I can interact but they did recommend trying to stay 6 feet away.

We have been practicing social distancing. The last time I was out was on Thursday the 19th to get some groceries. Before that it was just the previous Thursday on the 12th. My wife had a couple of doctors appointments early the week of the 16th. But there’s really no way to track it back to where I would have picked up the bug. But without a test I won’t know if it’s Covid and I am content not knowing if it frees up a test for someone else who needs it more. It does bring up a question though, how many more people like me “might” have it and are we being included in some of the numbers being reported?

In the end, I’ll just weather it out. I pray that my girls and my wife stay symptom free and we are so blessed to have a neighbor who has volunteered to get us some fresh veggies and fruits (things I was supposed to get in my trip to the grocery store...).

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