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What We’re Following Today March 22, 2020

Today we’ll look at some things to help the caregivers of the little ones who are now at home during the week as we self seclude and hunker down for the next couple of months for covid-19.

By the way. Your daycare workers may have been laid off. So if you need respite, they may be available to watch them a bit-taking into consideration that we are all trying to self distance.

But perhaps for an outdoor babysitting for an hour or two while trying to get a report out or something. But just a reminder that you or someone else can still be infected even if not exhibiting symptoms.

However. If this goes a couple of months, it’s something to keep in your back pocket.

Schooling for young ones who aren’t doing online learning yet? Here’s a couple of resources.

ABC Mouse. One of our other daycare parents just subscribed and gave it an initial positive review.

Starfall was another online resource.

Some tech for collaboration. If you weren’t aware of Zoom before, you’ve likely heard of it by now. Great way to get multiple people or classmates on a video chat with each other ( FaceTime can apparently do groups and there are other conferencing tech like google hangouts, or join me, etc...there are lots resources out there.

Some great resources sent through to us by gramma!

The interwebs is full of great ideas. If you’re a grandparent or friend of people with kids you can help them by finding coll resources for things to do with the kids. And maybe some of the conferencing tech could be a way to do a virtual craft project as we all get more familiar with the tools were being pushed to use more now.

Lastly, loneliness can certainly read its ugly head. Make an effort to reach out to people and neighbors you know who might feel a little lonely. And if you need to reach out to someone you can email me and we can get on a phone call to talk.

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