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What We’re Following Today June 30, 2020

Reason number 25 I love the US.

It’s Not Too Big. Even though this huge country of ours has over 300 million people, it never ceases to amaze me how we can run into people we know in random places OR we can trace our roots to new and different places.

I’ve been in weird places like in a crowd at Madison Square Garden or in some other place on a business trip or something only to be surprised by someone who says, “hey Sherwood!” Or in traffic on the highway and all of a sudden someone you know Is pulling up along side you. Those random occurrences happen more than we think, but they often bring a joy to my heart :)

Sherwood Island sparked my curiosity when I first came here to this area of Connecticut. My Sherwoods were based in the West. But upon tracing my lineage it does appear that we might be from the area after all. How many Jabez’s can there be? Haha

Social Security in COVID

If you’re at retirement age and are considering taking social security because Covid-19 has changed your plans, then you should read this to understand some of the considerations for opting into your social security benefits earlier than anticipated.

London Choir Donating Proceeds to Help Those Who Are Impacted By COVID

This London Gospel choir recorded a song that will serve to benefit people impacted by the virus. Looks like a fun way to use technology and talent across generations.

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