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What We're Following Today June 14, 2019

A Complicated Situation in Hamden Special Needs This article talks about parental concerns over the structure of special education within Hamden. It’s complicated for parents, children and administrators, but serves as a good example of how parents can and should voice their concerns to drive change. I can see both sides, but in the end, listening and developing plans based on parent and expert feedback will lead to an improved system for all.

A True Generation Bridge Interaction: 8 years to 97 years

Here’s a story of 97 year old Theodore Lambert who served at the Normandy battle in WWII merging with children ranging in age from 8-18 years old at a museum. He told them of his service in the war working in the Chemical Smoke Generator Company providing cover for soldiers who were building bridges and conducting other operations. The kids asked Theodore and his wife Ronnie questions about the war and their roles, and later asked them about advice they had for kids like them. Both said, stay in school and get an education. Take a few moments to read this one if you can.

Tiny Homes Trend in Las Vegas Heating Up

You may wonder, what’s the life stage focus of tiny homes? Well, for those who are younger, and trying to get out of debt, tiny homes may be a real solution to building equity in something while managing rental costs, etc. For those who are older / empty nesters, it could be a real means to downsize and simplify life while at the same time making a new lifestyle more affordable on a fixed income. In all cases, tiny homes can be built into community constructs that offer neighbors and people a chance to interact together in a “tighter” community. It may not be right for all people, but here’s a market in Las Vegas that is seeing an increase in demand for communities like this including a tiny home “community” in downtown Las Vegas.

Caretaking On Both Sides of Your Life

What do you do when you assume caretaking for an elder parent with dementia, but still have young children at home? Here’s a story of a woman facing that very problem. She is taking care of a 79 year old mother and a 2.5 year old daughter. She talks about her focus on gratitude as a way to get through some of the low moments and never being afraid to call for help or look for pockets of “me time.” Sound advice. She has great analogies and might have insight for some who are stressed in caregiver roles.

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