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What We're Following Today January 23, 2020

Today I have a little less time as I battle some deadlines on a report, but I didn’t want to miss two weekdays in a row. Last night I received an email from a Joseph Ivy, a representative at about how he found our blog and was reading through our New Year’s Resolution post that inspired him to send me one of his site’s posts about technology that can help us stay true to our resolutions. 3 weeks down in the new year and resolutions start to fall off, so this was a timely little communication that I wanted to share.

Alex Sheehan walks through some pretty cool tech (apps, gadgets, etc.) that can help us stay on track.

As with any tech that follows and tracks our very personal data, we need to be aware of how the data is being used, but in the end, these tools can indeed help keep you motivated and on track for your personal health and wellness goals.

My only thoughts though are that there could be a little more representation of apps / platforms that connect you with people to help keep you on track too - support and accountability help drive adherence to long term goals particularly on things like dropping dependency habits, etc.

Just as a note, AllConnect does look to market media and communications plans, so there will be a link at the bottom to shop internet plans.

Other Tech that unites us…

So that inspired me to search elsewhere online to find other tech that helps unite us and bridge interpersonal gaps. Personal experience lends me to look at “” as a great place to learn more about us and our families as well as start interesting conversations with our loved ones about memories and more.

Facebook, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. all serve as valuable ways to connect with loved ones around the country and around the world. They are great tools to keep communication lines open.

This article in Psychology Today notes the perceptions commonly held that technology can get in the way of meaningful connection, but helps frame a perspective on how it can be used to make our connections stronger. There are 5 tips included at the end that are fairly simple things one can do to recognize how we can use technology to make our relationships with others a priority - and I think it illustrates that if we use technology to “supplement” relationships, we could be in trouble, but if we use technology to “augment” relationships, then we are likely on a good path:

Intergenerational IDEA Scrapbook

Pinterest is always a great place to find new ideas…Here’s a look at Intergenerational GAMES…ideas for games that can unite people from different age breaks in fun and entertainment. What ideas might you bring back to your church, school, etc.? I am looking froward to balloon tennis!

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