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What We're Following Today HALLOWEEN 2019

Today I’m going lighter - here’s a look at what INTERGENERATIONAL HALLOWEEN CAN LOOK LIKE :)

In Seattle at an intergenerational daycare: All I can say about this slideshow - OMG - daycares around the world pay attention!

Creating Successful Intergenerational Activities at Your Nursing Facility:

Great Ideas in this post on “”.

Intergenerational Trick Or Treating at Senior Nursing Facility with This Daycare in 2017

2014 Easter Seals Intergenerational Event in Florida

Use Holidays to Get Together With People :) - but why is it when I search INTERGENERATIONAL online, that I almost always get results that are Senior and Youth? There are more generations than that! We should be able to come up with more ideas ;)


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