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What We’re Following Today February 7, 2020

Danbury Three Generations Art Exhibit

Three generations of the Gesualdi family have their creations on display in Danbury, CT at the Gallery At Stillwater Editions until March 27, 2020.

Art and creative expression are a great way for families to build relationships across generational divides. I wonder if there are other cross generational exhibits out there across the US and world. How interesting it is to see how families express themselves differently while often sharing common experiences. I am hopeful I can get over there in the next month and see how different generations of the “SAME” family choose to interpret and express the world around will my girls and future son interpret the world differently than me? It’s fascinating.

One Caring Adult

Sometimes we forget just how important our role in someone’s life can be. Sometimes we don’t see the influence we have until years later. Here’s a young man talking about the importance that “1” caring adult can have on the life of a child and the “urgency” we have as that child gets older.

Josh Shipp is a man who grew up in foster care and admits that he tried his best to get people to quit on him. But he found a family willing to endure his tests because they didn’t see him as a problem, but as an opportunity. One thing that struck me on his site was the phrase that kids spell trust “T-I-M-E”.

He does a far better job at explaining it in his video at the link below. It’s worth a 5 minute listen to understand what “you” might be able to do in order to be that 1 caring adult.

Dennis the Menace

I was thinking about media that dealt with kids and elders and Dennis the Menace came to mind. In it you had one caring adult in the form of Mr. Wilson and a rambunctious but fairly innocent young boy in Dennis Mitchell. But did you know there was another Dennis the Menace created at the same time in the UK? The two characters have some parallels but also many very different characteristics.

This article from the BBC explains the background of the comic strips. I hope relationships like Dennis and Mr. Wilson’s still exist out there because as many of us parents know, it’s great to feel like we have others who will look out for our kids with love even when they are a little crazy...

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