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What We’re Following Today December 31, 2019

It's the last day of 2019 and it's time for Year's In Review montages and stories.

Dave Barry on 2019 Stories - Year Was Meh... If you want a nice little year in review summary that doesn't take a political side, this is a good one.  May 2020 be the year of reconciliation and renewed respect for "compromise" over I'm right and you're wrong politics from both parties in politics.  This is a helpful detailed article that reminds us about some of the bigger events from the last year broken out by months. -Work Stoppage? -Mueller Report? -Brexit? -NFL Officiating -and many other articles But it's a fun and entertaining read that rightfully calls out both sides in politics and its sarcasm should get a few chuckles out! Who Died in 2019? OK - it's a bit morbid, but we're all curious.  Tim Conway, died while suffering from dementia which I was unaware of until reading about his death.  BUT he always made me laugh, often belly laughs. Don Imus recently passed - I always felt like I was getting away with something when I listened to his radio show as a kid. Danny Aiello...and so many more - US Magazine compiled a good list. Feel Good Stories of 2019 This MSN piece highlights some great stories from 2019.  There are many places we can look to find positive news in the middle of the negative things that sell better.  Here are some good stories that bring out some of the better qualities in us - the things that can give us hope while being inundated with news about how bad we are.  (Anyone ever hear of the self-fulfilling prophecy???)... Best Pictures of 2019 National Geographic For more visually geared people - here's an always great National Geographic Year in Review Photos of 2019.  A picture is worth a thousand words so click below to see.

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