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What We’re Following Today December 19, 2019

As we get closer to Christmas there are some things to think about which help us remember that Christmas and New Year’s can be painful for many.

Divorce Spikes Toward the New Year

In this article they point out how divorce filings increase and searches for “divorce” peak in the new year. There are likely many reasons for this but regardless of the reasons, it is simply true.

While the tone of this article is somewhat pithy, it calls on us to remember that for many, there is still strife in a season of giving. But perhaps we should address the other side of the equation. How can we see our friends and family who are in pain and might be hiding it? How can we help people salvage something they might not see the value in anymore (would they want it/should they want it)?

How many marriages are truly irreconcilable or at least how can people go through divorce in less pain so that they can heal faster?

Suicides and the Holiday

You thought I was going to write that holidays are a time when suicides spike - and when I searched it out I thought that was what I was going to find too. But the fact is that this is a myth...

Actually suicides decrease during the holidays and as this article suggests, it is likely tied to proximity around family and friends. They call out other myths too, like talking to someone about suicide might trigger and action or that suicides are generally impulsive actions. It’s interesting when we buy into something wholeheartedly because someone tells us something versus what the facts may be.

But if I look at the holiday myth being debunked, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore those on the fringe who might be alone, but rather we could see this as evidence that connecting more with people should be a goal we all have —year round! Reach out to someone and don’t be embarrassed. At the same time don’t just do it around the holidays but make it an intentional habit :)

Stressors Around the Holidays

The Huff Post had an article a while back about some common stressors around the holidays. I can honestly say that I thank god that I love my in-laws. But apparently for many this can be a stress. But I can definitely relate to some of the others on the list including holiday spending and budgets.

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