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What We're Following Today August 19, 2020

Being Creative When Aging

Mary Chapin Carpenter is launching a new album showing how we can all be creative while we age despite stereotypical attitudes that might suggest the contrary. Even in our little anecdotal research, we saw that people of all ages perceived that younger people have the advantage to learn new skills, adapt to new situations, and build new relationships. She like many other show how wrong that perception is. For example, she is creating this new album and exploring her sound and finding inspiration in new places and other art forms like Haikus. I have elder friends who are learning various art forms in their retirement - pushing their creativity in writing, painting, or other art forms. This is a nice article that shows just one example on how we always continue to grow as people as we age.

Legal Malpractice Suit? 4 Tips

This article notes 4 tips if you need to think about if you are considering a malpractice suit. I don’t know if the info in here is altogether earth shattering but it is something to consider if you feel you have been wronged in your healthcare or if you feel that you know someone who else has been wronged. It’s a tough road, but sometimes people do need legal advice because of a crazy scenario where a doctor or other professional may have had a bad day, or is persistently bad…I am not a fan of baseless lawsuits, but I also believe that cases where actual wrongdoing is present must be brought to the forefront in order to improve the individuals’ and providers’ treatment of patients.

Americans Desire Financial Education

This opening paragraph says it all, “In a recent Charles Schwab survey, Americans flagged money management as the most important skill for children to learn, outranking the dangers of drugs and alcohol, healthy eating and exercise habits and safe driving practices. Nearly two-thirds—63%—said financial education was the most important supplementary graduation requirement next to math, English and science.”

If we think this is so important, then who is providing us with the best advice and training to make sure we have good financial literacy to help survive downturns, etc. As it states, only 21 states currently require personal finance as part of the high school curriculum.

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